Transformative Learning Theory : The Importance Of Planetary Consciousness Essay

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Transformative Learning Theory: The importance of Planetary Consciousness
Erin L. Bonilla
Prescott College Abstract
Transformative learning theory provides a unique perspective on education through realization, reflection, discourse, and active pursuit of change. This process requires significant effort for the individual and requires deep critical reflection into personal belief systems, inflicted views from childhood, and questioning knowledge. The presented literature explores the origins of transformative learning theory, the importance of a strong planetary context, and further examples of the application of this theory.
Keywords: transformative learning theory, reflection, self-reflection, symbols Transformational Learning Theory
This literature review was designed to help the researcher build a deeper understanding of transformational learning theory and its application within the modern world. The literature explains Mezirow’s initial basis for the theory, complimentary and opposing views, importance of planetary context in reflection, along with further development in the field of sustainability education. This review involves a cross-examination of the literature at a basic level and is a beginning for further development.
Theory Origins
Transformative learning theory began with the works of Jack Mezirow (1981, 1994, 1997). The root of this theory is that through learning individuals go through a process of change within the construct of their

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