Transitional Bilingual Education Essay

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In America today, 21% of K-12 students speak a language other than English at home and require some type of assistance to learn English in school. This equates to nearly 5 million students every year. The most common type of language assistance is an ELL or English Language Learner program. There are new and more effective solutions being practiced including Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE). Due to the rising numbers of non-native English speakers in the school system today, finding and implementing the best English acquisition program is key to helping these students be successful, which I feel is the Transitional Bilingual Education program because it will help students grasp English better, students stay on grade level and …show more content…
These students are taught only in English and are often taught with students who speak many other languages. It wouldn’t be too surprising to find students that speak Spanish, Arabic, Farsi and Vietnamese in the same classroom. Students who know a language other than English are typically seen as having a deficit and are encouraged to learn English as quickly as they can even if this means losing their native tongue. In a TBE classroom, students are taught by a teacher who is fluent in English as well as their native tongue. Students spend their whole day in this classroom and learn the same content as native English speakers do. This allows these students to stay on grade level with their native English speaking peers. At first, the teacher talks solely in the native tongue and uses the students already established language knowledge to learn English. As the students become increasingly more proficient in English, the teacher gradually speaks more in English and less in their native tongue. Throughout this process, students are still encouraged to learn to read, write and speak their native tongue. The point is to encourage bilingualism in students. After students become proficient in English, they are placed in a mainstream classroom.
The issue of what programs are most effective is becoming increasingly important in America today as more and more of our population is not
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