Transnational Criminality And Illicit Drug Trafficking

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1. The first form of transnational criminality is illicit drug trafficking; terrorists need a way to finance their activities and the drug trade provides an easy access to large funds. For example, the Taliban uses the vast production of opium in Afghanistan to finance their terrorist acts. Another example is the terrorists in Colombia who use the coca trade in Latin America to finance their activities.
The second spoke on the wheel of terrorism is money laundering. In order for terrorists to purchase goods or services in the free market, they need to clean their dirty money earned from the illicit drug trafficking or other illegal ways of making money.
The third form of transnational criminality is infiltration of legal businesses. After the money is laundered it can be used freely in financing businesses. While these businesses might look legit, they are actually fronts that allow terrorists to smuggle money, agents and supplies. Also terrorists can use this clean money to finance organized crime.
The fourth spoke on the wheel of terrorism is “computer crime”. The use of computers can be used in a good way or can also be abused. Cyberattacks are a huge threat to our national security and technological infrastructure.
The 5th spoke on the wheel of terrorism is “illicit arms trafficking”. Past wars have allowed terrorists to get their hands on small arms to assist them in committing their terrorist acts. The is nothing new, what is new is the market for weapons of mass

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