Transnational Social Class

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There is a growing interest in sociology to study the emergence of a transnational social class – a new group in developed societies whose members, due to specific resources and capabilities possessed, are able to live their daily lives and develop their professional careers beyond the borders of any particular nation-state (see e.g. Mau, 2010, Andreotti et al., 2013b, Favell, 2003, Gerhards, 2012, Savage et al., 2004). The individuals belonging to this group are often perceived – in keeping with the cosmopolitan notion of a ‘citizen of the world’ – to have ‘globe-trotting’ lifestyles, universalized sense of belonging, and to be able to effortlessly integrate into any desired cultural and social milieu (Hannerz, 1990). Empirical studies, however,
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