Trapped in the Hallway

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I rushed down the hallway, as if I were pressed for time. Like usual, I wasn't, but I didn't want to keep anyone waiting. It was fifth period, my off hour. Unfortunately, that didn't apply to everyone. Stovall had told me he wanted to talk to me before class about my most recent writing. He made me swear to come down during my off hour, even though it wasn't his. I didn't want to hold his class up. I picked up the pace. The bell echoed above me; the corridor was completely empty. Or so I thought. I turned into the small niche Stovall's classroom was hidden in, and plowed into someone. I bounced off, but he stayed steady, strong. I muttered an apology under my breath, too humiliated to look up. "Hello Nicole!" The familiar voice made me glance up. "Oh, hey Bailey. Sorry about that," I murmured. Of course. Out of all 1800 students at Chatfield, I had to run into him. Lean, stocky, and nice, I had liked Bailey from the moment I saw him. His light blonde hair had captivated me, but his sea green eyes reeled me in like a fish on a hook. Plus, he had always treated me kindly, even though I was a bit shy. "No need to apologize. What are you doing down here?" Bailey spoke formally, yet he didn't sound stuck-up. His professionalism had snatched me as well. "I was just going to chat with Stovall about my writing. But why are you down here?" Bailey nervously glanced away and turned a bit pink. For the first time ever, I saw him stutter, his confident self faltering.
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