Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's) in Adults and Children

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Traumatic brain injuries have become an epidemic, affecting both children and adults. The effects of these brain injuries are severe however; they do differ in severity from youth to adult age in areas such as: cognitive and speech function, physical ability, fatigue, and headaches. America has been recognizing the severity of these injuries and sports and medicine have increased funding to prevent them. In order to properly decide what treatment is best for adults or youth suffering traumatic brain injuries one must conclude the differences between adult and youth symptoms, this proves challenging because the amount of adults suffering traumatic brain injuries is much fewer than adolescents. Another challenge faced when attempting to record and prevent these injuries is the lack of knowledge of symptoms; youth often misinterpret concussion symptoms and believe they have learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD.
Traumatic brain injuries have skyrocketed and cause significant amounts of hospitalizations each year. “It has been estimated that more than 1 million children sustain a TBI annually and that TBI accounts for more than 250, 000 pediatric hospital admissions as well as more than 10% of all visits to emergency service settings.” (Web journal) This may be a result of sports injury affecting youth because nearly 20% percent of concussions in children are caused from sports related injury. The amount of brain injuries for children each year is much higher than those

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