Working While Traveling Essay

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Meta description: Freelancers are able to travel abroad for long periods of time while working their current jobs. But there are things you will need to know about working while traveling. Here are some of the most vital international travel tips for any freelancer embarking on a trip.

One of the joys about freelancing is the freedom that you have to travel. Whether it’s just for a few weeks or a trip lasting six months, there are several travel tips that you need to keep in mind.

Manage Your Finances

Money is something you don’t really want to worry about, but as a freelancer you can’t help it, especially while traveling. Do yourself a favor and manage it before you leave to keep your headaches to a minimum.

Joyce Grace from the Manage WP Blog advises that you turn off all monthly services — such as Netflix or Hulu — that you won’t be using while on the road. Call your mobile provider and ask them to give you an international plan — and make sure you tell them where you’re headed, because they can freeze your account if they think your phone has been stolen.

Also be sure to tell your bank and Paypal that you are traveling abroad, and check in if your plans change. Having your bank accounts frozen while traveling is a horrifying experience that no one wants to go through, so continually keep them up-to-date as you travel.

Visa Requirements

Always plan your trip ahead of time because you need to be aware of visa requirements for all of the countries you’re going to

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