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itinerary: 7/23/2018: Leave Kansas City Intl. (MCI) at 4:25 PM (ticket price for round trip: $2,000) 7/24/2018: Arrive at BUD Ferihegy Airport at 7:15 PM. Convert money into Forint. Stay at Airport Hotel (hotel room: 15,978.70 Ft). 7/25/2018: Leave airport and take a taxi to Hotel Pension Helios (12.27 Ft) and book room (20,617.68 Ft). All-Day Semi-Private City Tour of Budapest With Lunch and Cruise (22,435.77 Ft). 7/26/2018: Best Historical Sights of Budapest Tour (34,277.30 Ft). Parliament Tour (3,865.57 Ft). Explore Budapest and acquire souvenirs. Get Taxi (38.66 Ft) and head back to Airport Hotel (hotel room: 15,978.70 Ft). 7/27/2018: Leave BUD Ferihegy Airport at 6:35 AM. …show more content…

After all my luggage is moved into the hotel room, the time will be about when a bus driver will come pick me up for my “All-Day Semi-Private City Tour of Budapest With Lunch and Cruise” ($87.06) (I will have pre-scheduled this before I left the airport). This tour takes me all over Budapest and is a perfect way to start my vacation. On the bus tour part, I will briefly visit the City Park, Andrássy Street, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Parliament building, Chain bridge, Matthias Church, and Fishermen’s Bastion. After the bus tour, I will get a three-course menu lunch. Then I will be getting onto a 2-hour long boat cruise that has an hour long stop on Margaret Island. Once the boat cruise is over, I will be taken back to my hotel. I am not sure exactly how long the tour will last, but it will most likely be dinner time or close to it. If I am not too tired from the tour, I’ll have a taxi come pick me up ($0.10) and take me to one of the nearby restaurants ($50). Otherwise, I might just go off to bed. On the 26th, I will get up early to eat the Hungarian buffet breakfast that is offered by the hotel. After breakfast, I will be picked up for a private tour that I will have set up before I got on the plane. This tour is called “Best Historical Sights of Budapest Tour” ($133.01). It is an in-depth and educational tour of many historical sights and figures in Hungary. I love learning about history, so I think this tour is perfect for me.

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