Essay about Travelers or Assassins?

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Travelers or Assassins? Someone yelled that they saw land approaching, and the boat started to go even faster. Everyone began to work harder and faster, eager to get on land again. By the time they got on shore it was a few hours from sunrise. Odysseus and his men did not think it was that odd that they did not see anyone, seeing as it was barely even morning yet. They went walking around, looking for an inn to stay in for a day or two while seeking help on their way home. All the inns they came across had ‘closed’ signs. This they did find a little odd. Why were they all closed? Did they all fill up? Is there some big event going on? They started paying more attention to where they were, trying to figure out why all the inns might …show more content…

Was there a murder? The English-speaking guard and the captain started to walk back over to the group. Odysseus hurried over to meet them. When Odysseus rushed towards them they immediately put their hands to their weapons. Instinctively loyal Odysseus’ men (epithet) ran over to defend him, and the guards, like eager-to-please guard dogs (simile) ran forward to protect their captain. Odysseus got angry. Why were they not helping him? Why were they so defensive. They had done nothing wrong. Some of his men and the guards were yelling at each other, and fights were breaking out. In the commotion, Odysseus looked up and saw men on the roof of the palace, they had guns pointed towards the men. At first he thought they might be more guards, but when he took a closer look he could see they wore different uniforms. He could not see clearly enough to read the patches on their uniforms, but it looked like they said ‘O.A.S.’ Everyone else was caught up in fights and arguments, and did not see them. (hero trait - he noticed what no one else noticed) Odysseus caught eyes with the captain of the guards and pointed to the roof. The captain became infuriated, thinking that Odysseus was attempting to distract him. At that moment Athena (goddess) came as one of the French guards shouting “Assassiner! Assassiner!” and pointing at the roof. The other guards began yelling too, and they all ran to the palace. The O.A.S started to shoot them down from the roof. Some of Odysseus’

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