Essay on Treatment or Not for Criticallly Ill

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In modern medicine, we often come across the patients who are critically ill and their chances to sustain life are very less. In these cases it is very important for the patient and their families to make a decision whether to continue the treatment or not. This paper is based on this topic inspired by the study conducted (by Lind, R et al., 2013) on the patients who were critically ill and the involvement of their families in end-of-life decision. The purpose of this paper is to implement the findings, found in this study, in nursing as a profession. According to me as nurses we should incorporate these research findings in our practice. In next paragraph it will be discussed why the nurses should include these findings in their career. …show more content…

On the other hand, nurses not only help and support the patients but, when the patients are critically ill, also develop a better understanding about the disease process and this provides an opportunity which will help them to cope these situations in future more effectively. Nurses work with various other professions and this interprofessional collaboration helps them provide a care based on holistic approach, which is client centred and it helps to develop a better relation with the client as well as with client’s family. Providing end of life care, to competitive intensive care patients, require a good communication with patient, and family members. It also requires a better understanding of client needs because nurses are responsible to develop care plans for their patients and unlike ordinary patients; palliative patients have a different view of their life whether they are able to express their selves or not (Canadian nurses association, 2008). Regarding the participation of the patient in end-of-life decision making there had been various views of health care providers. A study was conducted in 1993 on various nurses and physicians related to their thoughts on providing care to palliative patients and it was found that five out of ten nurses went against their conscience in this decision (Solomon et al., 1993, p. 16). Most of the patients which are

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