Trebonianus Gallus Research Paper

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Trebonianus Gallus: Third Century Roman Emperor Trebonianus Gallus was born in Italy in 206 A.D. He became the 36th Emperor of the Roman Empire during the third century. He reigned jointly from 251 A.D. with Hostilianus, then later with Volusianus from A.D. 251 to 253. His reign was short and suffered from a series of disasters. Trebonianus Gallus was not a great leader and was eventually killed by his own soldiers. Gallus was appointed emperor after the previous emperor, Decius was killed by the Goths in the battle of Abrittus. Many thought that he may have secretly plotted with the Goths to have Decius killed; however, there is no real evidence to support that allegation. Gallus’ first act as emperor was the first sign that he would not
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