Tri And Four Analysis

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The movie poster emphasizes the main characters in the film Tris and Four (the female and male protagonist respectively). They seem to be watching the whole place in one of the highest building in the setting. We can also see that the Tris stands in Four’s back while Four is crouching facing the other way. We can also see crows flying not very far away from them, a Ferris wheel, and cables for zip lining. The poster also has a quote “what makes you different makes you dangerous”. The position of the characters in the poster shows that they are watching each other’s back preparing for something. The male was carrying a weapon so it means that they are being cautious and ready to fight whenever an opponent occurs. They are standing in the highest building in the setting which had an importance in the story because it is one of the fears of the male protagonist, while the crows are one of the fears of the female protagonist. The background seems to be gloomy, like there is a war that happening on that place. The Ferris wheel is the place where the leading characters have a moment with each other and…show more content…
The story says that after a terrible war, the rest of the world was destroyed and they are the only survivors. The buildings were projected in a straight line like the cover was saying that it was the only place you can live on. In the story, the survivors were divided into five groups or what they call “Factions” and they have symbols while the Divergent haven’t because they are the people whose faction can’t be determined by the system. The logo in the Book Cover can be symbol of the Divergent. The symbol seems to be a small fireball and a ring of fire that surrounds it. The fire shows strength and power. The logo seems to be projected in the center of the city like it means that group will be the one who will rule over the city. The setting has a stormy weather, like there are unpleasant events happening in the
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