Trickster God Mythology Examples

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Iktomi, Wakjankaga, Coyote, and Rick Sanchez trickster gods created through generations of rich Sioux, Winnebago, and Navajo tradition, as well as the weird and wonderful minds of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Specifically, I’ll be focusing on the themes of community and individual values told through trickster god narratives with a concentration on environmentalism. Initially, it’s important to establish the tropes and traits of trickster gods, so I can establish a firm link between Rick Sanchez and trickster gods of old. This will give the social commentary and ‘myth’ of Adult Swims Rick and Morty a figurative leg to stand on. Beginning, let's define common traits and relay them to specific examples in trickster myths. Trickster God’s are often “wandering, bawdy, gluttonous, and obscene”(Levine 100) “selfish, amoral, foolish, destructive, and as the name indicates, given to duping others in his own interests”(Levine 100). They are also “culture heros”(Levine 100) “with god like power”(Levine 100). A poignant example arises in the episode Rick Potion no. 9 where in Rick attempting to secure his grandson Morty a date at a dance, makes him a love serum, which unintentionally infects the whole world with a virus that turns everyone into a David Cronenberg esque monsters. He is then forced to relocate himself and morty to another dimension of earth. This satisfies multiple of the requirements “wandering” (Levine 100) and “god like”(Levine 100) with the ability to pick and

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