Trigg Street Library Report

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John L. Street Library is one main floor, with a basement used for meetings and story time. They are part of the larger Kentucky Library System which includes the ability to borrow books and downloading various digital items. Community Organizations Trigg County is home to Helping Hands, a volunteer-run, donation-funded organization that provides a Food Pantry and Thrift Store to local residents in need. There is also Loads of Love which provides laundry services to the needy, and Simple Blessings which helps to provide non-food items such as detergent, soap and diapers to anyone who needs these types of items. Parks Trigg County Recreation Complex has multiple activities, including a horse riding arena, soccer field, softball field, and …show more content…

In 2006, the rate for Kentucky was 6.4 and in 2009 the rate was 7.1. The current infant mortality rates increased compared to 10 years ago but has decreased since its peak in 2009 (Reference). The infant mortality rate for the community of Trigg County is 0. In 2015, the rate was 1. In comparison to the state of Kentucky and the United States, the rates are significantly lower. This may be contributed to the small population, easy access to medical care, and the low population of African Americans. Since African Americans typically have higher infant mortality rates, a decreased population could lead to a decrease in adverse outcomes. The population of African Americans is only 7.7% in Trigg County. Also, residents of Trigg County have quick access to medical care through the hospital and Primary Care. If the hospital is not suited for the situation, Trigg County is situated in close proximity to larger, more equipped hospitals. In the United States, the infant mortality rate for 2016 was 5.9 per 1,000 live births. For African Americans, the rate was 10.8 per 1,000 live births compared to 5.0 for Hispanic and 5.0 for Caucasian. In comparison to the rates in Kentucky, the national averages are lower. In 2011, the rate for the United States was 6.5, and in 2006 the rate was 6.7. Overall, the mortality rate is decreasing. The differences in infant mortality rate defined by race can be attributed to access to healthcare. African Americans

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