Puerto Rico Geography

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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and independent United States region that is embellished with a countryside of green mountains, cascading waterfalls, and tropical forests. However, it is best known for its white sandy beaches. Here one can snorkel, surf, and sail. San Juan is the capital and often visited as a tourist location. One can find bars located beachside, fabulous nightspots, and casinos. The reason for choosing Puerto Rico is because it is similar to the United States in many ways. There has always been a desire to travel there to teach English in this country. Having meet some citizens from the country and had friends that experienced life there as an exchange student has only heightened the desire to move there.
Social Determinants
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Conversely, the literacy rate in Puerto Rico as of 2007 was reported as 93.7%; by gender, it was 95.1% for males and 96.3% for females. The United States is 99.0%. According ( ), 60.0% of the population attained high school degrees or higher levels of education, and 18.3% has a bachelor's degree or higher, ranking the country the 6th worst worldwide, where the United States averages are 80.4% and 24.4% ( ). It was noted that Puerto Rico has nearly 1600 public schools and 570 private schools. Those with low socioeconomic status, minorities, medically underserved, and older adults fall under the lower health literacy bracket. Literacy is necessary for locating needed services and providers, filling out health forms, seeking preventive care, and understanding prescription directions and discharge instructions ( ). Health literacy and cultural competence are equally important; therefore, public health providers must always be aware that not everyone is of the same culture, nor do they speak the same language, or communicate in the same…show more content…
According to ( )Inequity, though interchangeable with inequality it generally communicates to more qualitative matters (e.g., health inequality results from inequity in society, or that inequality in debt is a great inequity). In Puerto Rico inequality is viewed as variances that transpire by gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, education and income, and environment.
Life expectancy
Puerto Rico desire is to eliminate disparities in health to attain a reduced death rate. Mortality rates declined in the 1900s; however, inequalities in infant mortality are still prevalent. Infant death rate is 1 per 1000 live births ( ). Although rates declined by 24% in the late 1900s, the disparity in rates between infants born in Puerto Rico and those born in America stayed the
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