Trigger Warnings And Your Own Risk

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(Just so you know trigger warnings, I write about things I know, things that I understand, and most of these could be considered triggering. Another thing, if you are going to comment about how this is cliche and all of that, just don’t. Yeah, a lot of people do stuff like this but I’m not doing this because I’m uncreative or because it’s easy. I’m writing this story to get things off my chest and to get better at writing, most of Cry’s emotions and things he’s experienced or is going to experience are things that I have experienced or things that people close to me have experienced. I’m not going to exactly say the trigger warnings, but honestly, most of you guys probably already get what this is going to be about it. But triggers, you…show more content…
Dark circles were underneath dull green eyes that looked rather empty. His lower lip was worried with teeth marks often due to him biting his lip in stressful situation, large framed black glasses rested on his small nose, and his cheeks were flushed red because of both his near panic attack and the cold water he’d splashed onto his face moments ago. Messy slightly long brunette hair fell across the tops of his glasses and hid his ears from view, his hair hung only above his shoulders by a couple inches, he didn’t mind having his hair a bit long. He didn’t want to leave his bathroom, hell, he was terrified in his own apartment, he walked back, leaning against the white wall of the small bathroom, he slid down against it, burying his face in his sweater sleeves and wondering exactly why he had to be tortured like this by his own mind. He wondered why he exactly had to have these nightmares every night that would send him into a complete panic attack, and made him wonder what his exact purpose on this world was, he didn’t believe he was talented or that many people exactly enjoyed to be around him, he hadn’t ever found an exact purpose to live, or why people live at all. He didn’t want to get into those thoughts, they’d just make him… Sad again, and not
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