Trinity Essay

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When you think of God do you think of one divine entity or do you take into account the age old idea of the Trinity? For all of time we have understood the three individual person’s in God, the Trinity, to be one in the same. The teaching of the Christian church tells us that God is three unique and separate people’s, but they are at the same time all one person in God. Now people have many different ways to picture or represent the idea of three people as one. The trial of history has come up with many different ideas and images to try and represent the Trinity. Like many things that have to do with the unknown nature of religion we put our mental limitations on our ideas. This is only natural because it is the only way we can comprehend …show more content…

Finally the three coins are used because the coins are all cast from the same pot of substance to make them. This can be cut down even further to say it has to be three coins made out of the same coin. These are all different ways to try and explain an idea of what the Trinity is representative of. So to start explaining the meaning of the Trinity we believe in God the Father Almighty. God begot his son Jesus and sent forth the Holy Spirit, This is saying that these other two people came directly from the being of God. This makes them directly a part of God. They are all of the same person however and have their own individual identities. Many may get confused when they look at the Christian religion and see that we believe in one God yet there are three distinct people. The Creator, the Savior, and the Teacher are the distinct person’s one would see yet the Trinity is how we understand them all to be one God. So the meaning of the Trinity is to strengthen our belief in one God by explaining how he is three person’s in one. Next we must understand what the function of the Trinity is. The best way to explain the function of the Trinity is to use the analogy of the chain. The Trinity work together and are linked directly to one another to make one strong bond and to complete different tasks. First off God is the all powerful creator. He made all that exists in the universe. He is the watcher of everything that

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