Trip To Jamaica

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The summer before my 8th grade year we had planned a cruise to go to Jamaica. I had never been out of the country before so my excitement was through the roof. Before planning to board the Caribbean Cruise ship, we had decided to stay two days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We drove all the way down the Florida - my Dad being scared to fly - with 6 people in the car, it's safe to say it was a very entertaining car ride. When we finally arrived, we immediately went straight to the beach and just relaxed. Those two days in Florida were so fun and stress free I didn't wanna leave so soon. But the time flew by and next thing you know we were boarding the cruise ship. As we boarded the ship, everything seemed so perfect it felt like a dream. The …show more content…

Everything was so different there. There was palm trees scattered all over the island, sandy beaches, and so many tents with homemade stuff selling itself. When we first got there we decided to go shopping first and pick up some souvenirs. We got paintings, dresses, and many more things that we know we would want to have later in life. After we were done shopping we went to Margaritaville to eat on the beach. As soon as we arrived at Margaritaville they announced that they were starting a hula hoop contest. My youngest sister, who was 6 at the time, raised her hand and grabbed a hula hoop. We all laughed because what 6 year old is gonna win a hula hoop contest at Margaretville. Five minutes later she proved us wrong. Out of the 13 people that entered the contest she beat them all. The prize was a free drink - non-alcoholic of course - to go with her meal. After we had finished eating, we realized just how gorgeous it was outside and decided to go for a hike. We took our time taking in all the scenery we would have to leave behind. Only two hours later everyone on the cruise was back on the ship departing …show more content…

Labadee is just a private resort leased to Royal Caribbean cruises only. So when we arrived at our next destination the next day all my eyes could was three huge cruise ships already there. When we followed the same process as last time to exit the ship, we were exposed to a whole new environment. The sand was white as snow, the beach was flawless, and the water was blue and clear. Since this island was made for tourist and cruise ships it really did look like a picture. There was a zip line right in the middle of the island where you could pay to zipline from the highest point accessible at Labadee into the ocean. We only had about 4 hours on this island and we spent that site seeing the natural beauties of the island and swimming in the ocean. I remember it being very crazy and hectic at Labadee, nothing compared to

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