Trivium Student Analysis

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Citizens and parents all over the nation continue to ponder why our youth fail to stand on their own two feet upon graduation from high school. Is the current education system adequate or is there another choice? The current progressive education system caters to the individual need of the student in preparation for a career of their choosing, but it fails to develop student’s ability to identify the difference between truthful and erroneous information. Students “do not possess the critical apparatus with which to intellectually evaluate what their sense are receiving. They cannot discern between good and evil; only between pleasant and unpleasant sensory perceptions” (Bluedorn). Therefore, most students will go with what feels right, being led around by their emotions, rather than choosing to logically calculate the information in order to determine the …show more content…

Although many public educators continue to be effective in teaching our youth the basics to get into college the current education system fails to help shape our youth into mature adults. The classical education method provides the same level of education as the current school system while also developing students into mature adults. Through the trivium student begin their studies at elementary age with the saturation of facts as they progress through the grammar stage. Following the grammar stage the middle school student’s enter into the dialectic stage which engages abstract thought. Finally students will find fulfillment in their academic studies as they master the rhetoric stage. Completing the trivium the young adult has acquired many new skills from the benefit of a classical education. Educators and parents should consider an alternate method of educating children by utilizing the classical education method, which has been historically proven, utilizing the trivium students will be not only mature, disciplined citizens, but formally educated in all subjects to prepare them for life, not

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