Rhetoric Now And The Future

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Rhetoric, for Now and the Future

Rhetoric can push users farther than the normal argument, and past the habits of the natural human mind. When one comes to understand the theory of words, argument and how opposition thinks, then can the situation fully be revolved for their favor and their future. Rhetoric is a valuable skill that should be taught in schools in order to assist in high school environments, and help prepare for a future in the workplace.

As soon as high school begins, most students are swimming in opposition, plagued with the options life has to offer, and judged on how trials are navigated. They live lives of scholarly action; explaining, memorizing, solving and arguing are the basics on which their success is determined …show more content…

The study of rhetoric includes such topics as portraying virtue through emotion, logic, and character. With these tools in hand, the ability to display potential and worth to a workplace is emphasized, creating a greater chance for a successful employment. Rhetoric can provide the means to show success and even overcome mistakes, such as the experience Heinrichs describes after he misplaced a volcano in his publishing and then took advantage of emotion, playing the situation off as a light apology and a bonding experience. He says, “My boss was so happy with the result than when the volcano exploded some months later he sent me out to do a cover story.” (Heinrichs 250). Through rhetoric, Heinrichs not only fixed a problem, built his standing after a mistake, and made positive progress in his own career. He utilized the techniques of language and human nature to turn his error into a strength and portrayed himself as a hero. Through learning the art of rhetoric in school, students can learn how to correctly act in a tight position and build their standing for their future

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