Tropical Rainforest Essay

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Animals have survived in the rainforest through many different ways. Rainforests are some of the most diverse and dangerous biomes found on earth. There are many tropical rainforests in South America, Southeast Asia, and small islands around the equator. Adaptations allow the organism to thrive by adjusting its appearance, living skills, and habits to change with the environment to better fit into a niche. Many animals survive due to the many adaptations they have made over hundreds of years.
There are many types of adaptations that have been noticed by scientists over the years. Adaptations are “genetically controlled characteristics that increase an organism's ability to survive and reproduce” (Rijual Adaptations and Environmental Extremes). Some of these are behavioral, physical, and even changes in appetite. Behavioral adaptations are when the instincts of a species have changed. This means that the animal will not act on the same instincts it did before. Physical adaptations are when a particular species changes the way it looks. One of the many examples of this would be the way that a toucan has changed its beak. The composition of the toucan's’ beak has changed overtime to become …show more content…

Bromeliads are plants that survive on trees. They are there for the support provided by the branches to the plants. Epiphytes are plants that live on trees as well, they grow there so they can get the sunlight they need. A few examples of these are orchids and ferns. The ferns need the water and sunlight given when they grow at an upper level of a tree. Many trees can also be found in the rainforest. One of these trees is a kapok. A kapok is among the most common type of tree there is in the rainforest. They tower over the rest of the forest and are covered with mostly bromeliads. These are just some of the many species of plants that have survived in the

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