Troy Farris Was Convicted In December 1983 For The Death

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Troy Farris was convicted in December 1983 for the death of 28 year–old Clark Murell Rosenbaum Jr., a Tarrant County deputy sheriff. Rosenbaum was shot twice in the chest after he had driven up on Farris and codefendants Vance Nation and Charles Lowder during a drug buy. However, the investigation and trial were conducted unprofessionally and with many errors. The crime scene was badly trampled by investigators. Sixty–three photographs of the sheriff’s patrol car disappeared. So did the plaster casts taken of tire tracks in the area. Marijuana was found on Sheriff Rosenbaum, but an investigator claims to have flushed it down the toilet. The Court of Criminal Appeals concluded that “the circumstantial and forensic evidence offered at trial…show more content…
In other words, Billy White would have been classified as mentally retarded or intellectually disabled. In 2002 Atkins v. Virginia ruled that executing mentally retarded individuals violated the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Unfortunately, during the time White was executed there was nothing in place to protect the intellectually disabled. Carlos De Luna was convicted February 2, 1983 for the robbery and slaying of 24–year–old Wanda Jean Lopez, a Corpus Christi service station clerk. Lopez was stabbed to death minutes after she phoned police and attempted to describe her assailant. Police found De Luna hiding under a truck parked in the area. He contended that another person killed Lopez and that he ran so he would not be implicated. The concept being applied to this particular case is eyewitness error. De Luna claimed that the actual culprit was Carlos Hernandes, who looked so similar to De Luna that friends and family had mistaken photos of the two men for each other. Hernandes was known to police and prosecutors because of his history of violent crimes, including armed robberies and arrest for a murder similar to the murder of Lopez. Professor James Liebman at Columbia University Law School concluded that De Luna was innocent and wrongfully convicted “on the thinnest of evidence: a single, nighttime, cross–ethnic eyewitness identification and no corroborating forensics.” Liebman’s investigation found that Hernandes “spent

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