True Color Research Paper

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True Colors Do people really change? This is a question that has been going through my head while writing this paper. I believe that people can change in result of several different causes. Going through something traumatic or even just finding a new passion can really influence the way a person acts. I have changed in several different ways throughout my life, and have learned to accept every single one of them.
Traits and Characteristics
When I was younger I always wanted to like one of the guys. I never wanted to dress up or fix my hair. However, now I am always doing my hair, makeup, or shopping online. I think that I changed so drastically because of the towns I grew up in. When I was in second grade I went to a very small town school where nobody really cared about their appearances. While I lived there, I probably could not name five different makeup products. However, when I moved to Willard in eighth grade I saw that there were several other girls curling their hair or doing their makeup before school. After being exposed to the new environment, I started to learn how to apply
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When I was younger, I was always extremely competitive, and I was always in a sport. I grew up playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball. My big goal was to play volleyball in college; however, it has changed dramatically as I have grown older. When I reached my freshman year of high school, I started to realize that winning wasn’t everything. I started enrolling in art courses and completely fell in love. The art teacher told us to never let anyone get in the way of your happiness and to dowhatever makes you happiest. After I discovered my talents in painting, I quit playing sports to explore the art program. Being in the art program has helped me to discover the talent and brightness inside of everyone. I love being able to find the good in people, and I would like to believe that everyone has light inside of
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