True Freedom By John Stuart Mill And Georg Hegel

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Wars, death, and other acts of violence have all been part of a process to attain true freedom. However, what is true freedom? John Stuart Mill and Georg Hegel tackle this notion of freedom. Mills states that freedom is when individuals have unlimited liberty, while Hegel says that is a false freedom. He states that freedom is when the individual’s morals align with external laws within the nation state. Despite what many say freedom is more similar in Hegel’s and Mills than different. We can see this through Hegel’s notion of absolute mind and Mill’s value of liberty and notion of diversity. God is absolute mind, God is the totality of human thinking and through spirit God is becoming aware of its own self-consciousness to reach even higher levels of consciousness. This is the notion of absolute mind according to Hegel, he mentions that during this process of absolute mind of becoming aware of itself. Human history tends to be a “Slaughter-bench” (Hegel 71), reason being because diversity is trying to figure itself out. As seen in his dialectics, patterns which dictates even the absolute spirit, there are two dialectics that he mentions, the ethical and political dialectics. These dialectics contains a thesis which is the original definition of something, an antithesis which is contrary to the thesis. Finally, those two are synthesized to become one, a better solution. For example, the political dialectics has a thesis of containing of the family life, which relates to
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