Trump To Mars Research Paper

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Trump to Mars
On a red planet that is half of it’s full size 154 million miles away from Earth name Mars, once lived an old man name Trump. He was send there as the first astronaut to be on mar. As soon as he landed on Mar he claim Mars as his own planet and called it Trump world. Since he wouldn’t cooperate with America, America stop sending support to help him on Mars. N.A.S.A. never let anyone or release news beside president Obama about alien being on Mars. The purpose of sending trump to Mars was to let the aliens kill him or take him to their own planet and do research on him and somehow remove him from our galaxy. But instead it backfire and the alien help him build a wall around mars to block the Earth from making contact with mars.
“Mr. President, Mr.President we found life on Mars.” said Jorge from N.A.S.A. “Is that so we should build a rocket ship to send Trump as the first astronaut to Mars.” said Obama. This was the order from Barack Obama himself. So we all paid our taxes to fund the trip to mars for Trump. Plan “A”was to have the rocket fly up pass that atmosphere and blow up mid way to mars. Plan “B” was to have Trump land successfully on Mars and have alien take him away and he will never show up again.
“......3,2,1, BLAST OFF!” as the rocket flew into the sky exiting our atmosphere.
“Wait what’s that.. is that …show more content…

That start orbiting planet earth and Mars. With all the cloud very slowly floating and clearing away there is only half of the red planet mars left. The wall is still standing till today like the great wall of China this is because it was made from some weird alien metal called osmium. But every living form on mars had died there isn’t even a sign of life left including microscopic bacteria. There was also no trace of Trump left even though he was just hiding in a bomb bunker in the center of

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