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Balls Bridge and Truss Bridges: A Brief Historical Overview
Nathan Holth
Foreword: I composed this brief and informal overview of truss bridges and Balls Bridge to put this beautiful historic bridge 's history and significance into context. A version of this document with full-color photos is available on my website 's Balls Bridge Page located at which also has more information and photos. The general truss bridge information in this document was adapted from a formal research paper I composed. This paper, which cites the many different sources I used to produce the history of truss bridges, is available at in PDF format. The metal …show more content…

However, at the same time, many people have realized the value of the metal truss bridge as a historic artifact and a beautiful structure that

is so much more intricate and complex than the simple concrete or steel bridges built today. Currently in most cases, government response to this growing public demand has been minimal and is mostly limited to initiating surveys of historic bridges to determine which bridges are historic. With some exceptions, government does very little with their historic bridges beyond these assessments however. In Ontario, these bridges have and continue to face demolition, however in many cases Ontario repairs bridges as part of a routine maintenance, but rarely for the reasons of saving history. In the United States, where replacement is the preferred option over repair when dealing with deficient structures, these bridges face demolition even more frequently. A number of factors make pin-connected truss bridges historically significant as a whole. Truss bridges represent a period in the development of bridge technology. Significant experimentation and developments occurred during this period as bridge design moved toward a general standardization. During the 1860s and 1870s, bridge companies received numerous patents in the United States, testifying to this period of development. The classic pin-connected Pratt truss bridge is what essentially came out of this

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