Trystan Gray. Miller. English 175. 1/11/2017 . Poetry Analysis.

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Trystan Gray
English 175
Poetry Analysis “Peter Piper” is an original song by Run D.M.C. and from this J. Simmons and D. McDaniels took a couple verses out and edited them to be used in school text book across the United States. The song was founded in 1986 and from there it was put into our text book in the poetry section because, even though people don 't realize it, rap is poetry and can teach youth about things they may or may not have experienced. Founded in 1981, Run D.M.C. was and still is considered by many to be a popular rap group. Run D.M.C. is part of the original group of people who elevated rap music from an inner-city slums mixtape to a nation wide movement; this being the reason rap music is around and …show more content…

In the first line it says “Now Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose both did their thing, but Jam Master 's gettin loose and D.M.C. 's the king” Seuss and goose in the internal part of the poem rhymes and is also single syllable which makes it monosyllable and internal rhyme making a complex sound when spoken when combining with the end rhyme of thing and king. Varying rhyme schemes are seen throughout the poem and embody the complexity that can be seen in this form of art, and although it’s a lot to understand this is just the basic fundamentals of rap music. To emphasize rhymes or even to create rhymes where they do not really exist rappers as well as poetic speakers use stressed and unstressed syllables to bend their bars around what they want. For example read dead and read bead are two rhymes both using read but based on how you stress the syllable is what makes it rhyme with the following word. We use this complexity daily without even thinking about it. Another scheme seen in the song mixes alliteration with stressing the syllables to make the lyrics more appealing to the listener. For example it says “Everything that he touched turned to gold, he 's the greatest of the great get it straight he 's great” alliteration is seen with touched and turned as well as greatest, great, get, and great. By rhyming the alliteration the artist is able to once again make his lyrics more appealing to some people by

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