Ttruman Report On Code Of Honor

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Tyler Han Language Arts 8B November 14, 2017 I am doing a an Ttruman report on Code of Honor. This is a very touching story. It starts out with a an so called betrayal. Kamran Smith, a popular high schooler, finds out that his brother has betrayed the military and is working with a group that plans to cause widespread terror across the US. He is taken in by the US government who ask questions about his brother. They so him some tapes and he discovers a secret code hide in his brothers terror messages. Mickey Hagan works with him to discover the meaning behind these messages. It is all going very well until he finds out Mickey has supposedly betrayed him. It turns out that Mickey had actual planned his escape and was hoping to help free his brother. Who Kamran is determined to be in the United States. They head out tracked by the US government to his supposed capture place. There are many fights along the way but they eventually reach his brother. He tells them about how they planned to blow up the stadium at the football game. They think that they plan to hide the bomb in concession stands and confront them but that turns out to be a ruse. The real bomb is hidden hide in the float and they try to get people to safety. Then in one of the biggest betrayals of all Kamran’s favorite sport report turns out to be a terrorist. She is stopped though and the two of them become major heros and return to their regular life. Darius also gets to go back to the military where he feels he

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