Tub Refinishing Process

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Every home with a bathtub can utilize professional tub refinishing services after some years of usage. Refinishing services are also known as re-glazing; this is a special process that is meant to restore fixtures, tile and countertops that are worn out or damaged to like-new condition.


A tub refinishing service is preferred by most homeowners as this is less expensive than re-modeling or replacing. It is cheaper than installing tub liners too. The old tub gets a new facelift to restore it to a new look using the same tiles and tub with the accompanying components such as sinks, countertops and shower stalls.

Regular usage of the bathtub regardless of its material and installation such as steel or cast iron would bring about worn out tubs which require restoration works. A professional tub refinishing company has the necessary tools and expertise in restoring any type of bathtub regardless of its make, design, material and position. Antique clawfoot bathtubs, acrylic or fiberglass tubs can be refinished professionally by experienced and meticulous contractors in home renovations and refurbishing.
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Replacements can be quite costly as well as time consuming due to demolition and the sourcing of the right bathtub to fit the space and budget. Replacement of tubs can be costly due to the new purchase, plumbing costs and alteration works required such as tiling, caulking and flooring. Replacement works would take at least a week if sufficient expert contractors and facilities are
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