Turn Of The Century Case Study

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LESSON 16 - Turn of the Century


Identify and understand how technology influenced and shaped the growth of the United States

Identify and understand how social change was impacted and how it impacted the country

Identify and understand how the lives of minorities changed during the turn of the century

Identify and understand how entertainment influenced American culture

Technology and the United States

The technological advances impacting the nation were used to reduce the problems of city life. With the Bessemer Process, steel frameworks were used to build tall buildings. These new skyscrapers allowed the cities to build up and maximize the limited land. Streetcars were now used for public transportation, which allowed people to live in one part of the city and work in another. These transit links were then expanded to connect different cities and the surrounding suburbs into a collected larger area. Most cities built elevated train lines to free up street space and avoid traffic jams. Steel was used to create bridges across large rivers, connecting previously difficult to reach parts of the city. While the cities were growing more efficient, city planners looked at making them more attractive and livable. These planners created vast parks and recreational areas such as Central Park in New York City. Major cities such as Boston and Chicago would create parks to help beautify their cities and create areas of peace and calm in often hectic

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