Turning Points in the Saga of Race in America

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Turning points in the saga of Race in America

The Color of Christ is a book that evokes memories of the exhausted images and lives of Jesus which preponderantly contributes to “the saga of race in America.” (5) The book modifies and wisely propagates the stereotypical images of Jesus throughout the history of the U.S, which offers the most striking responses. In the book, Blum and Harvey portray the world as a place that is filled with various images about Jesus. The book, in its entirety, has been used by the two authors to substantiate the atrocities that were prevalent at a time when there was supremacy among the whites. White supremacy echoed loudly and was basically reinforced by the argument that Jesus Christ was white so he would agree with this notion. From the vicissitudes, and the happenings in the first six chapters of the book, Blum and Harvey have carefully interwoven a tapestry of visions and dreams of Americans to illustrate the fact that Americans have remade Christ. Instead of the thought that we, humans were made in the likeness of Christ, the son of G-d, we reinvented this theory of Christ in our likeness to suit our bias whether it be positive or negative. Again, Christ is emblematic of their aspirations strivings for power and racial justice, and their deeply- entrenched terrors.
The book has given special treatment to Christ, who, in this case, is the main determinant of political, legal and the national limits on the value of the human person, both

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