Two Sides to Abortion: Find a Compromise Essay examples

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Abortion is the action of deliberately terminating a pregnancy, resulting in the death of the fetus. For years, people around the world have been divided on this issue. Bioethicists have been debating on the morality and permissibility of such act as it raises many questions concerning the parties involved in it. Even though finding clear answers to these questions raised could be difficult and might need hours of reflection, comparing and contrasting the views and principles of philosophers John Finnis and Judith Jarvis Thomson on specific cases might lead to a better understanding of the issue. Finnis believes that all humans are persons and that every innocent person has the right not to be directly killed. He thinks that the one …show more content…

Thus, imposing death to the fetus is unfair (22). In contrast, Thomson wants to give another angle of vision to the debate on abortion. She believes that opponents of abortion commonly spend their time establishing that the fetus is a person, and hardly any time explaining the step from there to the impermissibility of abortion (40). She thinks that the assumption that killing the fetus inside the mother would not be consider murder if it is to save her life (42). She takes the example of a violinist plugged to you, using you, and the doctor telling you that because of that you would be dead. She considers that unplugging yourself to save your life would not be impermissible or considered murder. In cases of rape she believes that the unborn person whose existence is due to rape have no right to the use of their mother’s bodies (45). Also she takes the example of plant seeds to show that even for failed contraception, the fetus does not have the right to the mother body. Thomson is more persuasive because she makes the readers think and imagine the different conflicts independently of the gender. She provides her readers with a better incorporation of the issues by the use of multiple examples. Finnis’ arguments are based on a quite fragile concept of personhood. This concept caused people in Mississippi to push for a “personhood amendment”
(Eckholm). While some

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