Tyler Terror Essay

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Tyler Terror was no villain, but he wasn't a hero either. He was what is called an antagonistic anti-hero. Chaotic Neutral. The halfway point between insanity and heroism. He had nothing to do with anything but he still managed to get himself into trouble. He was quite a peculiar child and even more of a peculiar adult. Perhaps the most unusual thing about him was his journal. He never kept a real journal, in which one would put real journal entries about one's daily life and noteworthy anecdotes. Instead, he kept a rather odd journal, in which he wrote down his rather odd experiences. He didn't write in it daily, but whenever he felt drawn to it, he would take the journal out from under his tired, old mattress and simply write.
The entries would usually be short; always just one or two sentences and never more than seven. Now, many of these entries have made readers quite uncomfortable …show more content…

First off, it is important to understand that Tyler Terror was not always Tyler Terror. Once, he was Tyler M. Quinn (his more popular name came about later on in his life, when he became something horrendous). He was presumably a young boy when his schizophrenia first began to embed itself into his mind. He was about eight or nine years old. His paranoid behavior was dismissed as simply a child's fear of the bogeyman creeping in his closet. Tyler would lay in bed with his eyes and mind wide open, a blanket pulled up to his shoulders, and a flashlight under his pillow.
He was a gleeful young boy, and, as did many gleeful young boys, he loved to play games. He lived in a lovely two-story home in the suburbs with a pleasant neighborhood around his home. His neighbors were amiable and there were two other children on McAllister Drive. One, Nicole, lived on the corner of his street, and the other, Jackson, lived across the street and one house to the right. They would often play together and they enjoyed each other's company very

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