Type 2 Diabetes Case Study

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In Scotland alone there are 268,154 people with diabetes and a staggering 21,428 of these individuals are living in Tayside. (Sci-diabetes, 2013). In this essay, a patient has been selected with a long term health condition and their journey through the national healthcare system will be explored following their diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Through the use of evidence based practice, the underlying pathophysiology and nursing management of type 2 diabetes will be examined to give a better understanding of the complexity of the long term condition and the lifestyle changes that have to be considered when diagnosed with diabetes. Patient Journey: Recommended words: 400 The patient I have chosen to follow is Mrs M, her name has been change due to…show more content…
While in the care home Mrs M required medication for a sleep disorder during the night and through the day required medication for anxiety as Mrs M became very aggressive at times. Mrs M is a long term smoker of 10 cigarettes a day and has been for approximately 50 years along with excess alcohol consumption. Although smoking cessation visit to advise Mrs M on decreasing the number of cigarettes smoked each day or even stopping smoking it was decided by Mrs M that she was not likely nor was she ready to stop smoking. The NICE guidelines advise individuals to stop smoking and reduce their alcohol consumption as this is a risk factor with diabetes (NICE Guidelines 2011). Mrs M’s journey started when, based in the nursing home, the nurses suspected a TIA which lead to the diagnosis of diabetes as the patient had in fact had a hyperglycaemia episode. Urinalysis was done at this time to determine the cause for this episode, this lead Ketonuria, the the finding of keytones and high volumes of glucose found in her urine. Mrs M suffers from obesity and was said to have a fairly unhealthy diet as she liked food containing a high volume of sugar leading to poor dietary intake and the possible diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

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