Types Of Cell Division First Go Through Interphase Essay

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Cell division
Both types of cell division first go through interphase which has three stages. The cell grows in the G1 stage. It copies all of its chromosomes during the S phase, the two copies of the chromosomes are held together by the centromere resulting in an X shape. The last stage is preparing for division which is called G2 phase. After this is starts to divide in either mitosis or meiosis.
Mitosis- the typical process of nuclear division in eukaryotic cell. … results in two identical daughter nuclei of identical genetic constitution to the parent cell. (Henderson’s dictionary of biology, 2008)
Mitosis happens in five steps and results in two daughter cells. This process is used in most cells apart from in the production of gambits. The five stages are prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. However, these stages do overlap a bit.
Prophase is the first stage and this tends to occur before any obvious chromosome movement happens. A lot does happen but it is just hard to see. The chromosomes condense into chromatids by folding up. 2 chromatids joined by a centromere is a chromosome. Two proteins help in sorting and packing the chromatids up during prophase these are topoisomerase ll (part of nuclear scaffolding and uses an ATP for DNA decatenation) and condensin (involved in stabilizing loop formation in chromatin). During this stage the microtubule network is reorganized, by the cytosolic microtubules breaking down and the formation of the

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