Types Of Company Traits That Builds And Sustain Companies ' Growth

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This is a persuasive paper arguing for a concept of company traits that builds and sustain companies’ growth. Companies that have survived for hundreds of years versus shortly lived companies share sustainability and harmony with their surroundings and adaptation. They expand when times are prosperous and go into survival mode during times of crisis (De Geus, 1988). The purpose of this research is to find what traits are utilized in long living companies to ensure survival and growth, versus what negative traits that causes companies to disappear. This is to support the positive traits that are recommended for companies to follow and improve chances for survival. Multiple studies on business success have found similar traits shared by successful companies. A global quantitative research is suggested for more accurate results of successful characteristics.
Companies’ Success and Failure Based on Traits
A study by Kelly (1997), surveyed 30 companies that have survived for over 75 years. The study showed that organizations which survived the longest achieve long-term success and sustainability through harmony and adaptation, expanding in prosperous times and switching to survival mode in times of crisis. These companies also have executives that learn and act effectively. Furthermore, scenarios are created for optimal learning and experimental playing, leading to faster institutional learning. The results of the Shell study revealed that the life span of the company

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