Types Of Electric Cars : The Earth Turns Round And Round, Transportation Essay

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Wuzhou Zu
Professor Brian Gaines
The Researched Argument
ENGL 1030-37
27 Oct 2016

As the Earth turns round and round, transportation is in evolution. From the first car in the world, Benz Patent-Motorwagen powered by a 670W internal combustion engine to today’s powerful supercars. But the thing that never change is that they always need to drink fossil fuels, until now. All of a sudden, many types of electric vehicles are showing up in dealerships. Different than the jokes in past, people are seriously considering if they need to buy one for lower emission tax, lower price to feed and more parking space. And even for the polar bear’s life, as many advertisements show. But electric vehicles are not ideally perfect, not as many advertisements show. They are expensive, they need a long time to be fully charged and they will put power plants in developing country working under much higher pressure. On top of that, pollution in battery production cannot be ignored.
The most essential elements of electric cars are lithium, which is defined as a rare metal. Even though it is not considered as a high-risk metal, “there are growing concerns about risks arising from the fact that limited regions are producing lithium resources to cover most demand. There are also concerns about imbalance between demand-supplies and price fluctuations due to monopolistic supply. Chile has the world’s largest reserves of brinesource [SIC] lithium, followed by Bolivia and Argentina; these three

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