Types Of Leadership Governance Of The Non Profit Organization

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1. Please define three types of leadership governance of the non-profit organization
There are three different types of leadership governance of the non-profit organization. Type 1 is fiduciary. The fiduciary type of governance strives to reduce organization waste, it’s goal is to be faithful to the mission, works towards using its resources most efficiency and effectively; to achieve this purpose, staff members are held accountable for their actions. It is this type that also questions if the organization’s procedures are legal. The second type of leadership governance is called “strategic”. In the type, the organization shifts from conformance to performance, and becomes more creative and there is a consensus in the sense of creating …show more content…

The management team would decide if this is legal and ethical; determining the process and detecting possible malfunctions with the intentioned plan. Fiduciary type sample questions: Where are the resources coming from? How much will it cost? What does structure and recruitment look like? Is it legal and ethical?
Strategic type of governance would determine to solve the problem and reach consensus as to how to reach this goal of recruiting Jewish students. Management would likely collaborate with the local Jewish community and create focus groups. Strategic management may also seek to compare to other organizations and determine if this recruitment will work with their program. Strategic type sample questions: What’s the advantage of having Jewish students join our University? Will this type of diversity work with our programs?
Thinking and governing type of governance would likely coordinate a large management meeting to develop generative solutions. Management would seek to obtain the underlying issue. Thinking and governing type sample questions: How will this recruitment process impact our organization? How will it change our image? What is the point to meet this quota system?

3. Please identify stakeholders for your hypothetical organization using stakeholder analysis tool and please provide 4 questions that you would like to ask during your interview with your

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