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3 – 4 understand the organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership. 1.1 Evaluate the impact of the organisation’s culture and values on leadership 1.2 Discuss how organisational specific, legal, regulatory and ethical requirements impact on leadership demands. 1.3 Evaluate leadership styles.
4 – 6 Be able to understand leadership styles. 2.1 Evaluate the relationship between management and leadership. 2.2 Evaluate the relationship between management and leadership. 2.3 Discuss why leadership styles need to be …show more content…

These are all types of situations where I MUST take an autocratic style of leadership or it could result in being very damaging for all parties concerned including the business.

One of the organizational regulatory requirements is the type of things like the building regulations that certain commercial customers require. To achieve this we must have been BSI certificated so that we can meet building requirements. We have also had our doors tested to PAS 23 and PAS 24 which is a police backed initiative, as well as the BSI certificate PAS 23 and PAS 24 is another requirement that the majority of commercial and domestic companies require to meet their specification.

Ethical requirements are the equal opportunities act. Equal opportunities and discrimination can relate to many different relationships within the organization. This act means that there must not be any discrimination against anyone whether it is anything to do with his or her gender, marital status, race, age, religion, disability, sexual preference or whether he or she is under full time employment with the company.


The major social concern that will impact us the most as a business is the ‘Drivers CPC’ that will be coming in to place as of September 2014. The driver CPC is a compulsory requirement that has been introduced across Europe so that lorry drivers maintain high driving standards, skills and road

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