Types Of Methods For Cheating

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There are many forms of cheating and it does not only have to be when a person fabricates someone else’s idea, paper, or answers. The types of methods for cheating have increased throughout the years and it has become very common to take credit for something that you have worked for. Another method that has become increasingly popular through the years is people cheating the government. The people who have been cheating the government believe that they deserve more benefits than what they receive, but the truth is that most of those people do not want to work for what they need which promotes languid behavior (Gabriel). This in turn causes those who actually need those benefits to be rejected. Though some people may disagree and say that they do work for their money, there are a select few who will do whatever is necessary to get what they think they deserve. For instance, a friend of the family confessed to be living with her husband but has claimed to be separated so that she and her family can receive benefits. She is able to get food stamps and Medicaid for her children because of her claims. If she did not claim that she was separated, she would not be able to qualify for these benefits. Even though she can afford it, she gets away with cheating the government system. This is obviously unfair to those who actually have to pay for their own insurance and medical care or to those who simply can’t afford it. The people who can’t afford the assistances provided by the…
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