Types Of Students With Disabilities

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I was given the opportunity to observe different types of students with disabilities in a self-contained special education class. I viewed many different types of disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, speech and language impairment, intellectual disabilities, visual impairment, and physical disabilities. Four out of the six students in the self-contained class I observed lacked social, communication, academic, and some behavior problems. Due to many of the students lacking these components sometimes tensions were high within the classroom which would make it challenging for students to learn and follow directions. The one disability that that stuck out to me was Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the self- contained special education class I observed, I focused on Student A. Student A is a young African American boy. He is 4 years old and when I walked in the classroom I noticed that he made little to no eye contact with me unlike the other children. When the teacher, Mrs. Bell held circle time and the students held hands, Student A was resistant to being touched. When Mrs. Bell asked him how he felt every day, sometimes she would have to show him a facial expression chart so he could point to how he felt. After Student A, pointed to his feeling, Mrs. Bell would say the feeling and ask him to repeat it. Sometimes when he did not want to join in with her, she would include the class or a chant so that he would work into saying he was happy or feeling cool. When
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