Types of Relationships in the Workplace

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Companies must rely on a solid foundation of ethics if they are to succeed and keep quality employees. Employees today are being ethically challenged every day. The pressure of business life clearly tests the personal morality of all individuals at all levels of the organization. As an employee, we should not automatically assume a questionable request is unethical. There is many types of ethical dilemmas in the workforce but relationships in the workplace may have the most effect on the company. There are a few types of relationships in the workplace; these types of relationships include romantic partnerships, family connections, and friendship, this can be a long-term friendship or one formed within the workplace. There are many different types of disadvantages for each, and each one weighs differently on the workplace. Relationships in the workplace should all be built on Integrity, Candor, Mutual Respect, and Shared Goals. To have a successful business your employees must trust each other and be honest with one another. Having a good work ethic is contagious and this will make or break you to your fellow workers and managers, other workers may have a distaste to working with you if your work ethic isn’t up to par. They would feel that they would have to carry a heavier burden of the workload and this would create a bad relationship between workers. There is many diverse backgrounds, work styles, and skills in the workplace so having a understanding and a shared goal is

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