U.s. Army's 516th Signal Brigade

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Introduction With each passing year, current technologies continue to evolve or change while new technology or innovations emerge that, in some instances, profoundly change markets, societies, or ways of living. For all organizations, to include the military, the persistent change of technology means that organizations must also evolve and change accordingly. Based on research by Accenture’s Paul Nunes and Tim Breene in 2011, only 7 percent of companies that cease to grow ever survive over the long term, which serves as a strong warning for any organization about the need to change. In addition to technological change, the military faces many other challenges as well. The most significant challenges include budgetary constraints, mandated drawdowns in personnel strength, and numerous mission demands across the globe. This is the greater context facing the U.S. Army’s 516th Signal Brigade based in Hawaii. The 516th Signal Brigade consists of 2,500 soldiers and federal employees responsible for the installation, operation, and defense of tactical and strategic information technology (IT) networks for the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater (from Japan to Alaska). Every day the 516th Signal Brigade must defend against cyber-attacks, provide IT service support to many thousands of users, and remain prepared to deploy quickly its mobile communications teams in the event of conflict or a natural disaster. However, during my tenure within the brigade from 2013-2015, I discovered

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