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Change Management Theory: GlobalTech
GlobalTech is a change management theory based case study in the simulation format provided by Experience Point. GlobalTech, founded by Maurice Gagnon in 1975, was started in response to the growing demand in the high-tech electronic industry. Its quality-oriented specialization in manufacturing military components had been highly recognized and supported by the steady growth of human resources and a significant pool of expertise such as R&D department. The development of the GPS technology during 1980s, thus, had created valuable opportunities that secured key revenues and a lead positioning in the military field. However, the “New World Order” has gradually shifted the technology demand …show more content…

NaVisionTech and Sateye International had emerged as industry leader in the market while GlobalTeach only share 6% of the total commercial market for GPS. Using competitive and financial tactic to deliver extensive briefing to its managers on the current financial situation of GlobalTech can help managers to understand the important of change. Understanding the need for change by identifying the main difficulties of GlobalTech can thus provide a suitable changing plan in order to fix company problems in a more effective way.
Enlist a core change team
After understanding the need for change, enlist a powerful core team from stakeholders to carry out the changing plan is critical. Mapping stakeholder can identify the resistance and supporter for the change. There are usually four categories: Champions who lead the change; helpers that encourage change; bystanders that stay with a neutral towards change and resisters that resist the change. Bystanders usually take a predominant position in most organization and so does GlobalTeach. It is important to focus the change effort towards bystanders in order to gain their support to change. After mapping stakeholders, it is time to identify the change agent to lead a core change team. Jennifer Smith should be the leader in this core change team as she possesses all the four characteristics of being a strong leader: motivating her audiences through enthusiasm and confidence in success; the ability to

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