U.s. Department Of Homeland Security

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1. Purpose
Among one of the missions of The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is to protect and preserve the security of the Cyberspace in the country. The principal objective of this Security Plan is to give instructions and direction for the Department’s workers and help the Homeland Security to create best practices and strategies in the IT security system.
2. Scope
This policy needs to be applied to all users, employees, contractors, suppliers and to all IT resources such as e-mails, files, data, messages and documents controlled or administered by The Department of Homeland Security.
3. Policy Intention
The Department of Homeland IT security policy must be uniform, stable, consistent, efficient, effective and compatible with best practices Information Security in the Department. It is the purpose of this security policy to create and implement the best security plans, strategies, and practices throughout the Department. Also, it is the intention of this policy to create safe and secure Cyberspace.
4. Protecting Cyberspace
Building secure and safe cyberspace and Communications system in the country is the top priority of the department. In its kind the Cybersecurity Framework of the Department is the most comprehensive and efficient one. The Department of Homeland Security performing the following activities to secure the cyberspace efficiently:
 Checking and assessing organizations capacity of cyber-attacks defensive mechanisms and potentials.
 Evaluate
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