U.s Foreign Policy During The Nineteenth Century

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Zakisha H.

U.S foreign policy

Through the nineteenth century, America concentrated on conquering the West from the Natives, and to remain in isolation from the foreign sectors of the world. Once industrialized and more robust, it began looking for markets and colonies overseas. U.S foreign was designed to secure and open the door for trading internationally. More importantly foreign policy secure alliance and defense to protect its national interests around the world.. Initially, U.S foreign policy had great intentions because it favored self-determination of nations for independence. Also, it supported nations that were democratic. Nevertheless, U.S foreign policy also at times contradicted and struggled with realities of …show more content…

Americans often thought of themselves of the police of international affairs ,but, really they were the international bullies. Time and time again they overthrown governments for no legit reason. For an example when Americans conspired and overthrew the Hawaiian queen Liliuokalani. Americans were use to getting what they wanted. They had “influences” over king Kalakaua of Hawaii at the time into releasing land which no native Hawaiian had the right to own. “A few dozen American and European families effectively controlled both the economy and the government, ruling through a succession of native monarchs…” As long as they had a native monarch to protect their personal interests they were safe. When King Kalakaua died, and his sister Liliuokalani took the throne she was “in an independent frame of mind” She made it known she wanted to restore the power of her monarchy. As stated in Overthrown: America 's Century Of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq by Stephen Kinzer “high property qualifications for voting would be eliminated, and the power of nonnative elite would be sharply curtailed.” Restoring the power of the monarch meant no U.S influence in Hawaii.
Though one must question why was the Nicaraguan President Jose Zelaya overthrown? Was it personal interests again as it was in Hawaii or was it protecting the Nicaraguan citizens? As saw before in Hawaii, it

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