U.s. Military Defense And Education

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Security is most highest priority in every country but To nurture a secure nation, federal spending must be balanced among military defense and programs that provide economic security, such as education and health care . A worthy portion of any country 's budget is spent on defence . To some extent it is not a good idea for us to spend money on defending ourselves from imaginary enemies. We spend significant sums of money preparing for wars that we later create and ignore the needs of our own country. There are also other important sectors which needs to develop to bring economic growth. It should be much better to spent in areas such as social welfare, health, and education. We do not need such a massive, sprawling military …show more content…

But it turns out that military spending is actually a singularly good proxy for measuring just how big the multiplier for government spending is. Countries that have a military or army enjoy an array of benefits, ranging from job employment to the military, as well as a form of protection in the event of military conflict. Some countries need a strong military more than others, depending on their strength amongst other countries. The army also provides different job opportunities to locals who leave near military bases. Thousands of folks work in different departments in the military building planes, ammunition, guns, tanks, and other supplies need during combat. In simple terms, some people rely on the military for work so that they can provide for their families. A military that is trained and funded by the government can provide defense for a nation in the event of military or political conflict. In other words, just having an army can make other countries reconsider invading your country as they can assess whether they stand a chance to win or lose their platoons and expend a lot of resources and reputation. Additionally, having a strong military can allow some nations to mobilize their personnel to help others during military conflict. For instance The U.S. continues to give Israel military aid to the tune of $3 billion every year, with plans to expand aid to $4 billion annually.

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