UFOs: The Roswell Mystery

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Many believe that all known encounters and evidence is either false, a hoax, or an attempt at fame and glory. True believers stick to the physical evidence and hard facts that follow these mysterious encounters. One specific event that occurred at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 has baffled theorists and experts for generations and will continue to leave a controversial standpoint on what really may have occurred. This occurrence in particular has left a lot of unanswered questions about extraterrestrial existence due to the fact that most of the evidence collected from the incident is to either to old to be a credible source or the government has covered up the evidence and left a false influence behind. Overall, how has outside influence altered personal encounters and experience with extraterrestrial contact with relation to the Roswell Incident? Extraterrestrial encounters of all forms and kinds leave some kind of evidence whether it is physical or non tangible evidence like a person’s story of seeing a flying saucer or possesses photos of the unidentified flying object. These forms of evidence aren’t always the most reliable as many are reported false and considered hoaxes. Ever since the incident at Roswell, any information or evidence that proves other worldly existence automatically becomes the center of attention and can bring an individual fame and even…

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