UK Bass Music Analysis

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In this essay I am going to look at one of the producers who has influenced my work and has a significant impact on the UK Bass music scene with a successful career spanning over 20 years in multiple genres and that is Ben Pettit AKA DJ Zinc. From when I first heard Super Sharp Shooters in 1995 which came out on DJ Hypes Ganja Records and his Dope Skillz alias for Six Million Ways I was amazed as those tracks seemed to take the jump up sound of DnB and Jungle to a higher level. At a time when jungle was thriving, these tracks were not pure Jungle in my opinion due to the fact they heavily sampled Hip Hop and funk tracks, with Super Sharp Shooter sampling Fred Wesley, Method Man, LL Cool Jay, James brown, Tommy Roe and The Winston’s classic Amen Brother. Naturally by using those types of rare groove and Hip Hop samples they had more of a Hip Hop feel to them as opposed to the true raga jungle feel, which was more reggae, …show more content…

I try to emulate this style of editing and have made it a big part of my work when I’m making tracks as I also spend a lot of time working on the drum edits as they can help something fairly basic become a lot more interesting, bare in mind when Zinc was chopping up these loops and re-arranging them in 1995 it was a lot harder then me chopping them up in Ableton Live due to the technology available to him at the time. Zinc used OctaMED to make Super Sharp Shooter, which was a music-tracking program that ran on the Commodore Amiga’s and was first released in 1989 and was no where near as powerful as the tools we have today but I think this limited approach to working helped him get the best out of what he was doing. Zinc still has quiet a basic sound when you really listen but his music just oozes with style, and his bass lines patterns just seem to

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