Lay Me Down Music Analysis

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The music video for "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith shows how everyone will be stricken with grief after losing a loved one sometime in their life. The video starts out at a funeral and no music is playing. Smith is pictured in front of a casket at the front of a church standing completely still, ridden with grief. When the song begins, it is very slow paced. The people in the church can be viewed behind Smith, holding candles while trying to control their emotions. As Sam Smith walks out of the church, the video flashes back to a time of happiness. Smith appears to be saying his vows to his fiancée as they were getting married. Everyone at the wedding is dressed in all white, making the emotions seem much happier. All of the people are smiling, clapping, and having a good time. The video then reverts back to the church where the music and lyrics slow down again, showing the emotion in the song and Smith is seen alone bowing his head in the…show more content…
At the beginning of the song, not much is going on. The video begins with strong piano chords being played alone while Smith is in the church. When the wedding scene is going on, the music is lighter and there are violins playing a higher note making the feeling of that part of the video and song less depressing and sad. Also, it appears that the lyrics being sung are actually the vows that Smith is saying to his soon partner, "Can I lay by your side, next to you, you / And make sure you're alright / I'll take care of you" (stanza 2, lines 3-5). When everyone is cheering at the wedding, the beat picks up and strong piano chords begin again, almost to show that after the good times, bad times were still yet to come. The beat is still fairly fast when the priest is shown walking through the church, but slows down when Smith is shown sitting in the church pew. He sings the last few lyrics of the song, then bows his head, grieving his
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